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    Tommy Joe Pauschert, does he still race? I was reading Mark Martins book Driven to Race the other night and it was fun to read about Tommy and Marks battles back on dirt. Sounded like a pretty fierce rivalry.

    Is this Mo-Ark speedway down in West Plains the same one as today or a different track? His dad talks about how there was a berm for the outer wall there, and he passed the track favorite on the outside on the berm, anybody know who that was?

    I've read this book 2 or 3 times now, and if you have never read it, it's worth buying for sure.
  2. The Mo-Ark Speedway was a different track-in fact I believe it is on the right-hand side on Highway 63 on your way to the current speedway-it was a pretty neat place-We used to go after the Bolivar racing scene closed for the season-heck you could see alot of racing as they would go into October back then.you sat on a very small concrete slab as the track was down in the holler.
    Moe Miller was the hotdog then along with Buddy Langston,but during the October season-it was Earl"The Pearl" Muilenburg who was the man to be-this had to be around 1974-76 season.
    The 1 trip I remember about West Plains was a brand new Cadillac Ambulance that sat in turn 4.In the Hobby Class,a little Mustang got sideways and the driver in the ambulance was asleep.The Mustang hit it in the grill as he slid around,it startled the ambulance driver and he shot up in his seat and flipped the lights on not knowing he was the reason.
  3. TJ no longer races-I believe he runs a family farm in Carlise,Ark.
    Bill Crooks of BJ Speed in Springfield might know what he has been doing.
    That book is very well worth reading.
    On the Bolivar Story-we were there the 1st 2 time Mark ran Bolivar-the 1st time he had to run the B feature-2 flats and made-up 2 laps before a 3rd flat ended his night.
    The 2nd time about 2 weeks later-he finished 2nd in the B feature-had the option to keep his money and points or go tailback in the A feature-started about 20th that night and won going away with Ken Essary,Roger Chism,Darrell Mooneyham,Joe Wallace,Dave Williams and other hotshoes there that night-I thought the girls were going to tear the frontstretch fence down.
    The Springfield Stories on the Asphalt right to the wire-we were at the Farigrounds almost every Friday Night and Bolivar on Sat Nights-when Mark pulled into the Fairgrounds in turn 4,the crowd would point and say we will have a race tonight as Larry Phillips,Rusty Wallace,Wayne Woody,Fred Tiede,Terry Brumley,Dean Roper and other made Springfield the hot spot for Asphalt Racing weekly
  4. I was typing but couldn't post. Looks like RTR answered your questions. I was talking with Wayne Brooks about 10 years ago at the Tiopless and asked him about Tommy Joe. He said he was running the famioly rice farm because his dad wasn't doing to well. He said he'd probably never sit in a race car again.

    The old Mo-Ark Speedway is north of town across from a place where they sell RV's and travel trailers. A few years ago I found it on Terra Server ( I think that's it...the site whre you get satelite images?) and you could still make out a cornre on the track. If I can find that again I'll post it for you.

    About 8 years ago we had a thread on 4m called SWMO Racing History. Some great stories were told on there (MANY by RTR) and some included the old Mo-Ark Speedway. NVSSEI saved this topic on disc and got me one. I've passed a few around as well. Since then Bruce has set up a web site with the old thread on it. Go read about some of the OLD History about SWMO racing on there. Since then I've found out there was a track up at Ft. Lenardwood. I think Bruce has been to that track before, probably with Ken Essary or Perry Vaught, he's told me but I forgot.

    Here's the link to Bruce's site.

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    Do a google search satellite maps for:N us hwy 63,west plains,howell,missouri 65775,united states
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    Cool, If you guys run across some photos from that Mo-Ark speedway I'd like to see them.

    Speaking of Wayne ADF, the one story in here that I enjoyed was where Julian Marks dad said Wayne broke a promise and built a motor for Tommy Joe, so Mark and those guys painted underneath the hood, "WE built this son of a *****, Gimlet *** BROOKS didn't have anything to do with it"
  7. Well you've got to be a member to get the close ups on Terra Server anymore. :roll: Google Earth is free and they have a color picture that's a LOT better. If you get these numbers on the pointer at the botton it will take you right to the center of the old track. You can see the old dragstrip northwest of the track

    36°48'4.45"N 91°53'53.83"W

    Google Earth is free if you don't have it.

    Pan on down south a little ways on 63 and you'll see the "little" asphalt track down in the woods. I thought for sure that had to be an old go cart track but I've been told they raced cars on it!
  8. Tommy Joe just sort of "came out of know where" and started coming up to Crawford County Speedway in Van Buren, Ark. on Saturday nights. They had a prize that if you could beat the record of I think 15 or 16 A features in a row you could claim. I think this prize was something like $10,000. Wendell Brewer set that record and Tommy Joe or no one else ever beat it. With that kind of money up for grabs in the mid '70's, they had a LOT of good cars down there trying to lay claim to it. We would usually go down there unless there was a big race at Bolivar to go to. They had some great weekly races back then.

    It wasn't until I was wondering through Larry Shaw's shop one time that I realized that Tommy Joe and Mark were such rivals. He has a lot of old newspaper clippings in frames down there telling the stories these two waged on the tracks of central Ark.
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    I grew up in West Plains and went to the races as a youngster. The Joyce Brothers were very tough. Bill in the 427 Camaro (#17) and Bob in the 454 Monte Carlo(#16). None were a match when the red and white#2 Camaro came to town...............................No one could touch the kid from Batesville.
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    For those who may not know

  11. Here's a story I told on the SWMO Racing History thread I posted about earlier. It is of the first time I ever seen Mark Martin race.

    By Luv LM Racin Oct. 21, 2000:
    Hey cnr, I never knew Martin to race at Mo-Ark. I thought he just raced in Arkansas at Independence County and a track in Heber Springs and maybe another track or two down that way.

    The first time I saw Mark race was at the old Independence County track. It was in the early to mid 70's. He was driving a red Camaro, 1970 or newer, with the number 2 on the door. Can't remember the sponsors though. This was some special they had down there and it was ran in 2 days. Both Johnny Bone and Ken Essary went down for this race from this area. Darrell Mooneyham may have went also but I'm not for sure. This is the first time I saw Jerry Inmon also as he was there too.

    I remember everyone talking about how GOOD that Martin kid was and how he was going to be something someday. Well, it turns out Essary won the race and I thought to myself, If that kid is so good,why couldn't he beat Ken Essary. At this time in my life, I thought Ken Essary and Roger Chism were the 2 baddest racers on the planet.LOL

    Well, I guess that just goes to show how dumb I was back then! Later Mark started coming up to Bolivar and Monett and racing every now and then. Then he moved to the paved tracks and everyone knows the rest.

    The second time I seen Moyer race I thought he was gonna be good so I at leat got that one right
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    Keep the stories coming guys. They are cool.
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    I do not know if this is good thing or a bad one but i do rember Tommy Joe AKA TJ. He was great to whatch on track. I wish he was still active to day. He sure could diamond a track when it slick off.
  14. Beleive me Chris, the older you get the more you'll realize it's a good thing you remeber the old racers we watched as kids growing up. I still go back and read that old SWMO thread we had going and every now and then I remeber something else about one of those oldies we talked about back then. Be glad you were fortunate enought to see those that are or someday will be the legneds of the sport we love.
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    This is one of the best threads Ive ever read on here. Thanks guys for taking the time to post them up.

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    I'll bet we could surpass the original thread if we could get everyone involved.
    I have to thank Dean once again for this site. 4M has started over yet again and I don't know whether the Dirt Nation forum will ever be what it could be.
    THANKS Dean! :D
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    I would like to see some of the people that come on here all the time and never post, post up a comment.

    I know Firedog doesnt post much anymore, and he has a ton of stories, and did have a cool old chevelle late model.

  18. I hardly ever go over to 4m anymore except for results, this is the site for me. I will have to say that 4m has what has brought a lot of us together before this site was up and going. But for now this is where I come to see what's goingon in the racing world since SW MO and NW AR is what I'm mainly interested in anyway. I'm sure I've said it before (if I ain't I should be SLAPPED) but again as Bruce said, Thanks for getting this site up for us Dean.

    I too am always up for a good old racing story or two. DO SHARE!!!!
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    I remember as a kid coming out of the stands at the fairgrounds, after David Goldsberry had won a feature race. It was on the asphalt, and I remember the tires being so hot that I could feel the heat before I had even got up to the car from them. I reached down and touched the rubber on the tires, and it kinda burnt, but it almost came off in my hand as well. The tires on the late models then stuck way out the passenger side of the cars, and I believe he was in a camaro at the time.

    I dont know if it was direct drive, or if he just fired it up in gear and took off, but there was NO warning that the car was going to move. ( I was only about 8 at the time!) The engine just fired at the same time the car shot foward, and it went right over both of my feet.

    Amazingly it didnt hurt, at all. I have no idea why. I felt kinda embarrassed, and my dads girlfriend stood there looking at me with her eyes wide open, but I was fine!!

    I got an autograph out of it too when he found out he had ran over my feet! :lol:

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