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    Barry Beggarly spent years absent from racing world before coming out of retirement in the second half of the 2010 season. On Saturday night, the 61-year-old grandfather became champion yet again at

    Ace Speedway

    But he was back. And the rest of the field was unable to stop him from winning his first title since 1996.

    Beggarly finished in second place, well behind 19-year-old Jeb Burton’s winning No. 27 machine

    Although the final point totals won’t be revealed until next week, it is likely that Beggarly will also be the American Speed Association national champion. If this happens, Beggarly earns the distinction of being the only driver with both a NASCAR weekly championship and an ASA national championship. Beggarly won the NASCAR Winston Racing Series in 1993.

    After all was tallied, Beggarly finished the six-month season with a six-point edge on York. It was one of the closest Late Models points races in the 55-year history of Ace Speedway. Beggarly is likely the oldest Late Models champion ever at the track.

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