Jake Strayer's 125 Outlaw Kage Kart for sale Iowa

Discussion in 'Kart Racing' started by Timmytoo, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Timmytoo

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    We have made the choice to move out of karting. So, we are selling Jake's 125cc Avenger Outlaw Kage Kart. This is a 2006 Avenger Race Chassis. It was put together and run as a box stock in july of 2006. It won the ECS Knoxville Boxstock Nationals that year 2006. We converted it to a 125cc after the nationals. In 2007 it won both qualifying races and sat on the pole for the ECS Knoxville Nationals. Was leading feature when the positive coil wire broke. That will never happen again, I have since fixed it so it won't. Jake has won many features in this car and set many Quick times, including the standing track record at Newton Kart Klub 9.44 sec. Old rec. stood for 15 years at 9.9sec. Very easy to drive and when you make a change, you can tell it. For those that have seen it run, will know that when I say it is fast, I mean probally the fastest 125 around. Gonna sell the whole show. Somebody could get in it and race it tonight. Comes with:
    1999 Honda CR 125CC FTZ (3 races old)
    1 FTZ Boost Alky carb
    FTZ Exhaust
    Aluminum motor mount
    Complete new set of Hoosier race tires
    12 other tire and wheel combo Hoosier Burris mix
    Spare wheels some new
    Gears 22 - 32 for 520 chain
    Spare body nose and tank (red)
    Spare wing open wing (red)
    extra 2 cycle mix oil for alky
    alky can
    Small adult seat
    Impact race belts (4 race old)
    New extra Gaskets head and base
    extra New reed valves
    spare stock carb
    K&N air filter
    extra fuel filters
    And what ever else there is for the 125 Much more. Red crate full of misc.
    Again this is a ride ready to go today. Will help with all set ups. May even help deliver.

    Jake is moving on to bigger cars, and we are gonna reinvest this money to his future ride. We are asking $5500 for everything we got. Including set ups. Set ups will only go to the buyer of this kart.
    Tim Strayer 641-521-3011
    We bought a $1000 of tires this spring
  2. josheezpapa

    josheezpapa Member

    This is as fast a 125 as you will find
    Also as sharp a 125 as you will find.

    excellent equipment here,

    Tim, will you still be doing conversions ??
  3. Frank Tjalle

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    A pic of the strayer 125
  4. Timmytoo

    Timmytoo Member

    Thanks for posting a pic. I am still trying to figure out how to put a couple more on here.
  5. Timmytoo

    Timmytoo Member

    May sell as roller. Box sttock roller or 125cc roller. Also have a TRR restrictor engine, and a TRR box stock engine. Also have 1 new box stock wing.(black)

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