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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Joker66, Jun 21, 2012.

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    As most of you know i'm the new guy to b-mod, I typically run at midway and havd been thinking of heading to DCS. I have been trying to figure out what my car is since i got it, seeing as how the guy i got it from didn't take the time. I have learned it's built on a Kosiski jig and has small metric front. Saturday night was reallllly frustrating the car pushed worse than it EVER has, get in the corner and hit throttle to get it to come around and it would just go towards wall faster! So what i'm trying to do is get down to starting all over on the shock/spring area. If i understand correctly with my car being a small metric front i should have stiff front springs. Which would explain why the front of my car feels like i'm riding in an old chevy truck with wore out shocks bouncing everywhere, with a 650rf and a 700lf 200lr and 150rr. when i checked the rf shock saturday night i was an inch from being bottomed out (WB763 Pro shock) I've talked to a few of the guys which helped free up my car a LOT (but i only got to run a few laps in the feature to get the feel of it) Heck maybe it's just me and i need to be a bit easier on it to keep it from bouncing so much. Unfortunately i haven't been able to get my car scaled yet to see were i sit there, going to be talking to TJR or somebody for possible sponsor to help me out there. I do know i can shave about 75-100 pounds on gross weight and be ok. Not looking to get anybody to give me their set up in particular. I'm wanting to learn what i need, as wells as the whats and whys.......nobody likes racing for last lol
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    Those springs are pretty close to what I ran on a small metric.I found 150 and 175 springs on the rear worked much better. Make sure everything on the front is moving free, put it on jack stands remove the shocks and springs and move the suspension up an down thru full travel. Something binding or bad shocks could be a issue. Also scaling it is a must, if the bite is way off that could be a issue. How much rear steer/trail do you have in the car?
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    RR trailed about and inch

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