Vintage Margay Karts - For sale

Discussion in 'Kart Racing' started by q-w engineering, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Have 2 vintage Margay flat karts for sale. Year unknown. They are disassembled right now, but I do have everything to put them together, to make rollers.
    They come with seats. both have steering wheels. Also come with used but good but in good condition bodies.

    $450 each or $800 for pair

  2. dustin arnall

    dustin arnall Member

    I would bet the purple one is a COMET...not a margay. Comet always had 3 pedal bosses (one of the few to do that) and had the more squared off front bumper

    Comet probably built better stuff during their heyday than margay. Maybe not better stuff, but better results per ca-pita. Comet is/was owned by Mark Dismore and family (Yes, Mark Dismore, he ran a bunch of Indy Car stuff)

    I had a chassis that looked identical to the Black one.....won a ton of races with it. I always wanted a Comet but never found a good deal on one.
  3. kanelkarting

    kanelkarting Member

    I have a set of vintage Margay wheels 5" with tires if anybody is interested.
  4. Coty Morrow

    Coty Morrow Member

    the one on the left is definatly a margay, i had one just like it and i loved it, it was my first cart, our guess is that they are from the 70's

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